Hedge Fund Strategies

Too many risk models work well for long-only strategies, but fail when faced with real world hedge fund strategies. Northstar’s platform was built from the ground up with hedge funds in mind. All of our models are extensively tested in long-only, long/short and multi-asset class portfolios. After being deployed, models are continually tested against actual performance (read more).

We currently offer support for the following hedge fund strategies

  • Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)

  • Convertible Arbitrage (Convert Arb)

  • Equity Long/Short

  • Merger Arbitrage (Merger Arb)

  • Fixed Income Arbitrage

  • Global Macro and Multi-Strategy (Multi-Strat)

Security Coverage

Northstar currently provides support for the following security types:


  • Commodity Futures

  • Commodity Future Options

  • Commodity Spot

  • Freight Futures

  • Spreads

  • Spread Options


  • Barrier Options

  • CFD

  • Digital Options

  • Equities

  • Equity Indexes

  • Equity Options

  • ETFs

  • Index Futures

  • Index Future Options

  • Index Options

  • Preferred

Fixed Income    

  • ASCOTs

  • Bank Loans

  • Bond Futures

  • Bond Future Options

  • Bond Option

  • Cash

  • Convertible Bonds

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Credit Default Swaps

  • Credit Default Swap Indexes

  • Government Bills

Fixed Income     (cont’d)

  • Government Bonds

  • Interest Rate Futures

  • Interest Rate Future Options

  • Interest Rate Options (Caps/Floors)

  • Interest Rate Spread Options

  • Money Market

  • Municipal Bonds

  • Repos and Reverse Repos

  • Security Borrow/Loan

  • Swaps

  • Swaptions


  • Barrier Options

  • Currency Futures

  • Currency Future Options

  • Dual Currency Options

  • Dual Digital Options

  • Fx

  • Fx Forwards

  • Fx Futures

  • Fx Future Options

  • Fx Options


  • Correlation Swaps

  • Corridor Variance Swaps

  • Dividend Swaps

  • Forward Volatility Agreements

  • Inflation Swaps

  • Variance Swaps

  • VIX Futures

  • Volatility Swaps



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