Investor Reporting Service

Attract and Maintain Investor Capital

Hedge fund risk managers often work closely with Business Development and Investor Relations. For today’s hedge fund investors, performance alone is not enough. If hedge fund managers want to attract and retain capital they need to help investors understand how they manage risk, what risks they are taking, and what factors are driving performance.

Northstar Risk can generate high-level summary reports for distribution to investors. Verified reports can be securely sent to investors electronically in a variety of formats. Northstar Risk can also provide software to investors, allowing investors to aggregate across their portfolio of hedge fund investments. All of this is meant to facilitate communication between fund managers and investors with the ultimate goal of helping fund managers attract and maintain investor capital.


Powerful Tools for Hedge Fund Investors

Northstar’s client desktop application allows investors to easily understand how much risk a hedge fund manager is taking, what types of risks a manager is taking, and how each manager fits into their overall portfolio.

Northstar’s client desktop application is designed on the same platform as our hedge fund manager desktop application. The platform allows investors to easily aggregate risks across multiple hedge funds. Investors can drill down to see how much risk is being taken by region, by asset class or by sector. Security policies allow hedge fund managers to determine exactly how much detail investors can see. Unless the hedge fund manager specifically requests otherwise, the investor will never have access to security or trade level data.

Our client reporting service also includes month-end investor reports. These reports can be used in investor meetings and sent to investors. If requested, Northstar can send reports directly to investors to provide truly independent risk reporting.

Northstar client reporting also supports Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation (OPERA), an industry standard risk reporting framework.

The Benefits of Integration

Northstar’s client reporting service is built on the same platform as our hedge fund manager application. Without any additional work, you can be assured that the numbers your investors are seeing are the same numbers you are seeing internally.


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